EULA - "Software End User License Agreement" - Sommone™ app

Software End User License Agreement (EULA)


This Software End User License Agreement (the "License") applies to the Software. But before we start, know that when we use the term “Software” we mean the Sommone app software offered to you as part of Sommone subscription plans or Sommone subscription, as well as additional software, and the Assets by third parties (our “Partners”), and all updates, upgrades, new versions and patches to the Software.

  1. Here is how we know you accepted the License terms.

Installing is agreeing.

It is important that you know, by downloading, installing, activating or using the Software, you represent to us, and confirm to us that you have read and agreed to this License, the Sommone Terms of Use and our Sommone Privacy Policy.

These terms apply to all our subscription plans, the example project and demo version. If you do not wish to agree to this Licence, this means that we cannot license the Software to you, and we ask you to not download or install the Software or stop using and uninstall the Software if you already downloaded it.

*If you have an Sommone subscription, any references in this EULA to Sommone Terms of Use or Sommone Privacy Policy shall be read as references to Sommone Ltd Terms of Use and Sommone Ltd Privacy Policy.

  1. You can use the Software for your editing needs.

Here’s how you can use our Software:

  • Download. 
    • Install.
    • Use the Software for personal or commercial purposes. 
    • Activate the Software in the permitted number of devices (as set out in section 10 below)
    • Receive and use any supplementary code or patches and correction of errors of the Software, provided by us, at our sole discretion. 
  1. You should only use the Software as an editing and information sharing tool.

What doesn’t count as use for editing and information sharing purposes?

Use does not include copying, renting, leasing, sub-licensing, loaning, translating, merging, adapting, transmitting publicly, streaming, varying or modifying the Software or any portion of the Software, either by you or to enable others to do so.

Alterations to, or modifications of, the whole or any part of the Software, as well as incorporating or combining the Software or any part of it, in any other programs, is also prohibited.

Basically, the license does not allow you to access the source code of the Software.

This means you cannot disassemble, decompile, reverse-engineer or create derivative works based on the whole or any part of the Software, attempt to discover the source code of the Software or attempt to do any such thing. You can do these acts only if it’s necessary in order to achieve interoperability of the Software with another program. And only under the condition that the information you receive during the operation can only be used to (i) achieve the interoperability, (ii) you cannot disclose it to any other person, if is not necessary to achieve interoperability; and (iii) you cannot use the information in order to develop a software which is substantially similar to the Software.

You also cannot use any means or tools to bypass or circumvent the Software encryption, security or authentication system, try to access the Software not through our interface, or reinstall (or enable others to use) previous versions of the Software (“downgrading”).

You can’t make the Software available to others in whole or in part in any form or medium, directly and/or indirectly, including on cloud services and/or servers and/or any other similar services, this also include the program listing, the Creative Library and Assets, object and source program listings, object code and source code. That also means, you can’t allow others to use the Software using your account information.

Do not disrupt the Software in any way. Any attempt to disable or impair or destroy the Software, or upload or store any component that contains viruses, malware or that might damage or limit the functionality of the Software – is strictly prohibited.

You can’t use the Software in any manner which is illegal, contrary to court orders and/or which was forbidden by the provisions of any law. Also, you can’t use the Software in any manner which may damage us, our Partners, any third parties, or their rights or reputation.

  1. Unlimited updates

During the whole period of your paid subscription.

We are always working to improve our Software and add new functions, Assets or remove old functions or Assets, and we may update the Software from time to time, at our sole discretion.

You may be required to install those updates in order to operate the Software optimally, enjoy more features, receive more Assets or any other content. You will get notification when Software updates are available to you. You must be connected to the internet if you wish to update the Software. If you choose not to update the Software, it might not work as effectively as we intend it to, and we would not be able to provide you with support.

As long as you have a valid paying subscription, and you have activated the Software, you are entitled to receive Software updates at no charge.

Our updates will not change the description of the Software you have bought.

This License also applies to any updates.

  1. We are here to support you

Unlimited customer support throughout your paid subscription term

All our valid paying subscribers are entitled to technical support and assistance from us at no charge, through Sommone Customer Support team after activation of the Software. If you are a free subscriber and want to receive support, you need to upgrade to Sommone subscription plans.

We do not guarantee to you that the operation of the Software will be uninterrupted, or that the Software will be error free, or as to the result that may be obtained from use of the Software. Check out our Terms of Use to read our commitments to you in the event of a technical problem.
Other than that, we may release patches, bug fixes or repairs for the Software at our sole discretion.

We will not be able to help you with any technical problem unless you provide us with all the relevant information necessary to fix the defect or fault, including sufficient information to enable us to recreate the defect or fault.

We would not be able to repair the Software if the problem in the Software was caused by you: (i) amending the Software; or (ii) using the Software in any manner which is in violation the terms of this License or the Terms and Service you agreed to when purchasing the Software; (iii) choosing not to update the Software.

  1. Having a “License” means using, not owning

In other words, we are the owners of the Software

Sommone Software, all that is included in it, and in any additional features that you download from Sommone Site, remain protected by copyrights and intellectual property of Sommone or its Partners.

Sommone is the owner or the rights holder of all the rights, inclusive of all intellectual property rights and all copyrights, or the licensee in the Software, the Site (including all content in the Software and the Site) and in any additional features that you download from the Site. You do not and will not have any rights whatsoever to the Software or in the Site, exclusive of the right of use as specified in this License. To know more about our rights in the Proprietary Content and Site, check our Terms of Use.

We give you a non-exclusive, non-transferable License, which is permission from us, to use the Software, according to the subscription plan you choose and the terms of this License. That means that you are not the owner of the Software, we do not transfer the Software to you or allow you to transfer the Software or your subscription to others, and you have no right to access the Software in source code form.

This is a non-exclusive, non-transferable License to use the Assets to incorporate them in your final project only, not on a stand-alone basis nor for transferring the Assets to anyone else. We may update the Assets or remove Assets at our sole discretion. Please remember to follow the License and terms of our Partners, in section 7 below. If you have the example project you can use the content provided to you as part of the example project for demonstration purposes only, you cannot incorporate the content in any commercial project or for any commercial use.

Remember that Sommone (or its Partners) are the owners of the Software, and anything included in it. Therefore, the Software includes our or our Partner’s copyright and trademarks notices. You are prohibited from removing, or letting others remove, our or our Partners’ notices in any way, shape, or form, and you need to include these notices on any copies you make of the Software on any medium.

Now that you know what a License is, by using this License, you understand that your rights to the Software will not exceed the rights described in this License.

  1. Review our Partners Terms of use & Licenses

This License does not replace our Partners’ Licenses

Sommone app includes software and Assets owned by our Partners which means that they have their own terms and Licenses on how to use their software or Assets, and those terms and Licenses apply to you as well.

  1. Subscription Plans

We offer 4 tiers of subscription plans under different pricing:
• Free (Trial period of 7 days)
• Monthly (prolonged and automatically charged each month until canceled)
• Yearly (prolonged and automatically charged once a year until canceled)
• Lifetime (full access to Sommone app for minimum period of 10 years through one-time payment)

Each subscription plan offers you same features of Software bundles.

As long as you access and use our Software, whether under a paid plan or for free plan, you are still required to follow the guidelines of this License. At the end of the term of your paid subscription plan or end of your free trial period, you will not be able to access and use our software.

Free subscriber

If you are a non-paying subscriber with a free subscription plan you will have the access with full functionality and features of the full version but only for limited time of 7 days.

Plan for your specific needs

If you want to add more than currently offered under our subscription plans or in this License, reach out to our Customer Support and we will do our best to provide you with a plan suited for your specific needs.

  1. Switching between Subscription Plans

You can switch between subscription plans. When you launch your Software, you will be able to activate the new subscription plan.

  1. Activation on more than one device

One paying subscription allows for one installation

Either of the paying subscription plans gives you the option to download, activate and use the Software on one device at your choosing. Other than this, you must not use the Software via any communications network or by means of remote access.

Subscribers can use the Software on one device only. If you are a free subscriber and want to activate the Software on more than one device, you will need to upgrade your subscription plan.

  1. Use of your Information

Help us to help you

Through your use of the Software, we collect certain non-personal information, relating to your hardware usage (such as, hardware identifier, CPU and GPU information, RAM details, operating system, plugin hosts and monitor specifications), in order to improve the Software and help us respond to any issues or queries that you may have regarding your use of the Software. For additional terms regarding our handling of personal data, take a look at our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

  1. Make sure to check out our Terms of Use

This License is subject to and is an integral part of Sommone Terms of Use, so we strongly recommend that you read them

**If you have an Sommone app subscription, any references in this EULA to Sommone Terms of Use or Sommone Privacy Policy shall be read as references to Sommone Terms of Use and Sommone Privacy Policy.

* This License Agreement applies to paid or free subscriptions.


Effective: January 1st, 2023