About Sommone™

Sommone™ is a wine app that is used for presenting wines, food and other drinks. It can also be connected with Sommone™ smart corkscrew and used by:
Sommone™ is an app that makes sharing wine, other drinks and food information easier than ever.
If you choose to go all the way, purchase Sommone™ smart corkscrew as well and only one tap on a phone is all it takes for restaurant guests or a wine fair visitors wow experience!
Sommone™ lets you transfer the full information of actual food, wine and other drinks that a guest in your restaurant, winery or tasting room enjoyed at a certain occasion. Amazing thing is that a sommelier / waiter / chef needs to tap the guests phone and guest does not need to download any application in order to receive all the information about served wine, food or other drinks.
Sommone™ is a completely plastic free product made out of natural materials.
It´s a hand made smart corkscrew with olive tree handle, rosé gold color steelhead, digital chip reader that connects with Sommone™ app.
Designed in Sweden by joined forces of Italian, French, Swedish, Spanish and Croatian sommeliers and engineers.
 Best app for sommeliersBest app for sommeliers
Best app for sommeliersBest app for sommeliers

Wow effect for your customers

Amaze your restaurant guests with the fastest and coolest way to share information about food, wine or other drinks served to them inside your restaurant. Tap their phone with Sommone corkscrew and they will receive detailed information of what was served to them during their visit to your restaurant. One PDF page for each served dish / wine / other drinks without guests needing to install any application or software.

Best wine app for sommeliersBest app for Restaurants


Instantly share your info with a tap, or scan. Exchange information about what was served to a guest when they are about to leave your restaurant, winery or tasting event. You will never need to write down any paper notes during the service or need to reply to guests by email when asking what they had to eat and drink, a day or two after their visit at your restaurant.


Compatible by default

Share with anyone due to compatibility with all modern smartphones, Apple and Android. If the guests have an older phone, they can take a picture of the automatically generated QR code or receive it as an automatically generated email.



Replace hundreds of food / wine /other drinks menus, brochures and post-it notes. No need for any kind of printed brocures or business cards.
In the footer of each presentation sheet your business card will be presented.



Since the Sommone™ app is downloaded through the App Store and Google Play, it is safe to use. It has been verified that the app can't take your data from other apps, that it follows App Store and Google Play guidelines and that it is manually checked for all known malware before published by App Store and Google Play.



By using Sommone™, less trees are being cut because less menus, brochures and business cards needs to be printed by wineries, restaurants, wine importers and sommeliers.
Business card details will be presented to your customer in the footer of each presentation sheet meaning that there is no need of printing any business cards for your restaurant or winery.

Sustainable corkscrew Sommone

Sommone™ engages in sustainability and runs a charitable foundation that helps children in need.