Wine Importers

  • keep all your portfolio inside the Sommone app for fast, detailed wine information transfer on any fair or event.
    Send detail information of your full wine list or any chosen wine to a:
      • restaurant owner
      • sommelier
      • visitor at your wine shop
      • private buyer
      • attendants of your wine tasting
      • journalist

  • pre program several Sommone corkscrews before giving them away to your restaurant customers so that they can use them at their restaurant and tasting events

  • export your whole portfolio from your Sommone account to a file and send to any restaurant or sommelier for one-click import of all of your wines into their Sommone app account

  • keep wines from several wineries (maximum 20) apart from each other with their whole portfolio separated from wines of other wineries

  • no need of printing brochures before attending wine fairs or events. Just send information either your whole portfolio or only what they have been served at the fair through one of the following options:

    - tapping their phone with Sommone corkscrew (if purchased)
    Smart corkscrew Sommone transfer tag positions
    - or letting you potential customer scan your generated unique QR code with their phone camerabest wine app Sommone QR code transferbest Wine app Sommone QR

    - or sending the information in one-click through E-mail / WhatsApp / Viber / WeChat / Messenger / Instagram / Facebook / Snapchat / Linkedin / Teams / One-Drive ...
    best wine app Sommone social transferbest wine app Sommone social media buttons

  • be sustainable due to no use of printed brochures or business cards
    Digital business card sommone