Designed by Sommeliers & Winemakers

Sommone™ app is designed by Swedish, Italian, Spanish, French and Croatian sommeliers and winemakers. Sommeliers and winemakers joined forces and shared experiences in order to make their every day life easier.
Sommone™app is free and safe to download from Google Play and App Store.

We also designed a tool for our app.
Smart, sustainable two-step corkscrew made of recycled steel, olive wood handle, recycled paper packaging resulting in a completely plastic free product.
Manufactured corkscrews are delivered from our factory to our warehouse in Germany by train only twice a year. Distribution of Sommone™ smart corkscrew is done with fossil-free or emission-free vehicles.

With Sommone™ app there is no need for paper notes, printed menus in restaurants, printed wine brochures from wineries when sending over information about served food, wines or other drinks. Assign all information to table or seat and transfer digital PDF information to the guest only by taping their phone with Sommone™ corkscrew. Transfer through unique QR code or WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Instagram, e-mail is also supported by Sommone™ app. A great advantage of this app is that guests don´t need to install anything on their phones.


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A sommeliers contribution to sustainability is not only defined by choise of the wines served to the guest in the restaurant.

Other levels are waiste left behind after the service, equipment used during the service, promoting of no paper printing, contributing to less stressful working site.