Sommone™ smart corkscrew (incl. lifetime access code for Sommone™ app)

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Sommone™ is a hand made smart corkscrew with olive tree handle, rosé gold color steel head, digital chip reader that connects with Sommone™ app.

Sommone™ lets you transfer the full information of actual food, wine and other drinks that a guest in your restaurant, winery, fair or tasting room enjoyed at a certan occasion. Great advantage is that a sommelier / waiter / chef / winery export manager needs to tap the guests phone and guest does not need to download any application in order to receive all the information about served wine, food or other drinks.

Sommone™ is a completely plastic free product made out of natural materials.

Designed in Sweden by joined forces of Italian, French, Swedish, Spanish and Croatian sommeliers and engineers.

Price includes lifetime access code for Sommone™ app.